GDS Dividends FAQ

If you recently lost incentives on your GDS contract, you should look at opportunities to recover some or all of that income!

What is GDS affiliation?

Menno Travel offers GDS affiliation to travel agencies through our partnership with Travelport®, the Technology Leader in Travel. GDS affiliation allows many agencies to be covered under one agency's GDS contract. That one agency's GDS contract will offer benefits that another agency may not be able to obtain on its own. Participating agencies benefit from the combined productivity of many agencies.

Why should I come under Menno Travel's contract instead of my own?
  • Increased opportunity to earn incentives for booking reservations through Worldspan by Travelport®.
  • Increased access to Worldspan by Travelport® premium pricing products.
  • Minimized commitment coupled with opportunity for long-term benefits.

Does GDS affiliation require me to give up my ARC appointment?

No. The affiliating agency maintains their current ARC appointment including bonding and reporting requirements and continues to perform their own accounting.

Does Affiliation with Menno Travel provide Worldspan by Travelport® "Super Access"?

Yes, with full content and protection from airline segment fees on Program Carriers. (Travelport's 'Super Access' fee applies. Currently, the Super Access fee is $0.80 per segment on these carriers: AA, AS, B6, DL, UA, VX.)

Who can participate?

Not every agency is eligible to participate. Current Worldspan by Travelport® subscribers must be near the end of their contract or out of contract (month-to-month). Also, restrictions exist if you use multiple GDSs. Contact us for details.

What is the cost to affiliate?

Menno Travel's fee for affiliation is $50 per month. Travelport's normal product service charges apply. Contact us for a list of Travelport's current charges. Affiliate agencies are responsible for Internet access along with all costs related to equipment, including printers.

What are the opportunities to earn?

Affiliate agencies earn incentives for booking and ticketing reservations through the Worldspan by Travelport® GDS. Below are the standard per-segment incentives (paid from segment 1).

  • Under 1000 segments/month - $1.20
  • 1000-1999 segments/month - $1.30
  • 2000-3999 segments/month - $1.45
  • 4000+ segments/month - $1.60
Affiliates are responsible for Travelport's 'Super Access' fee (currently $0.80 per segment on these carriers: AA, AS, B6, DL, UA, VX.)

Affiliate agencies can earn additional revenue by referring new affiliating agencies.

Incentives are reduced for short-term affiliation ("parking").

How are incentives paid?

Participating agencies receive incentives monthly in the month following receipt by Menno Travel. Payments are based on Worldspan by Travelport's® record. Any charges assessed by Worldspan by Travelport®, including for excessive "hits" or improper use ("churning" or speculative bookings), are subtracted from the payment.

How long does it take to affiliate?

The affiliate agency setup takes four to six weeks for processing. Agencies converting from another system require a minimum of an additional six weeks to prepare for conversion. In addition, current Worldspan by Travelport® subscribers need to process paperwork advising Worldspan by Travelport® of their desire to affiliate with Menno Travel.

Are my client records protected?

An affiliate agency's PNRs and profiles are protected against access by Menno Travel and other affiliating agencies.

Any other requirements?

Menno Travel requires that all affiliate agencies carry errors and omissions coverage.

Okay, so what's the next step?

Contact or by email or telephone at (800) 635-0963.

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